We have covered a variety of questions we generally receive. If you have any questions that haven’t been covered in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us and we will answer them for you.

Actually, quite a lot. Your personalised Vocal Assessment is based purely on the sound of your voice, without other visual distractions.  This is why we want you to chat to us first for 3-5 minutes and explain your reasons for wanting to improve the quality of your voice so we can hear how your voice naturally operates. We will look out for clarity of both tone and diction, pace, cadence, rhythm, breathing and other important layers that combine to produce your voice. This is exactly what we do when we are coaching Radio Broadcasters, and like them we will give you specific exercises, tips and advice to improve the way your voice is perceived by others.

Don’t worry, if something like this happens you will not have to pay again. We will only receive your audio recording when you have pressed the submit button. If your recording is interrupted you will be able to return to the recording page and start again. Also you will be able to listen back to your recording and make sure you are happy before you press the submit button. (However we do not recommend you do this, as doing multiple takes to try and get a ‘good’ version defeats the purpose of us hearing your voice in it’s most natural state.)

The purpose of providing this service is for you to get a personalised assessment from a recognised expert in the field of voice and vocal communications. The feedback will be based on what is heard on the audio, and your assessment will include specific exercises, tips and advice on how to improve the way your voice is perceived by others.  No refunds will be made unless there is a genuine error and we do not receive your audio and therefore you do not receive the assessment.

We want to be absolutely clear about this. This service is not suitable for issues that are normally resolved with the help of a Speech and Language Therapist / Speech Pathologist. Your medical practitioner will provide you with a recommendation to attend sessions with a registered Speech Therapist. Most countries have a national association; this is also a good resource to help you get information.

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