In 3 easy steps you can record your voice and have it emailed directly to our Master Voice Coach. All you need is to be online and to use your device’s microphone.


You have up to 8 minutes recording time

We recommend you spend between 3-5 minutes telling us why you want your voice to be assessed, what are your voice’s strengths and weaknesses, and how you would like to be perceived when you have made improvements to your vocal delivery and confidence. (We provide you with guideline topics.) Then you can read one of the prepared pieces of text we have provided below. This part will take about 2 minutes. When you have finished all you have to do is press submit, and your recording will be fast tracked to our Master Voice Coach who will create a personalised assessment with recommendations of exercises, tips, advice and recommendations for you to improve the quality and delivery of your speaking voice.

Normally a Face to Face 60 minute session would cost you over €275 (US$325), but for only €85 you too can have your voice assessed by the Voice Coach that many Hollywood Stars, TV Presenters, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s of global organisations have hired to help them achieve excellence whenever they stand to speak. These days when pitching your ideas, going for interviews or strengthening your most important communication asset, your voice plays a huge role in how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. Give yourself the best chance possible, and learn from one of the best in the business.

Your session can be paid with any major debit or credit card using our secure and encrypted online payment facility. Once you have finished recording, all you have to do is press submit and your audio file will be sent to us immediately. Within 72 hours you will receive your personalised assessment and recommendations by email.

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3 Easy Steps •••

In 3 easy steps you can have direct access to one of
the most respected voice and communication experts.