The Voice Assessment Centre was created in 2013 by renowned Voice and Communication Specialist Poll Moussoulides to give people online access to practical and expert advice for improving their confidence when speaking in public.

Not everyone has the time or funds to access a leading Voice and Communications specialist, and this website is designed to be a ‘first stop’ resource that gives you honest and valuable feedback to ensure you are always heading in the right direction to achieve your speaking goals.

Over the last 25 years Poll has been hired to work with individuals and senior management teams from some of the world’s most recognisable corporate brands to improve both internal and external communication success. When this is combined with his record of coaching many award winning Actors and TV Presenters from the world’s of Theatre, Film and Television, it’s easy to understand why he is in such demand with up to a 6 month waiting list.

Now, regardless of who you are, where you live, what career you have AND at a fraction of the cost of a personal one-to-one session, you too can guarantee the undivided attention and invaluable advice from leading Voice Coach, Poll Moussoulides.

Click on ‘Let’s Get Started’, record your speaking voice and within 72 hours you will have personalised and specific advice to become more confident, clear and charismatic whenever you speak.